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Top 5 Audio Porn Stories You Absolutely Need to Listen to in 2021

Erotic Audio porn stories allow you to explore your darkest desires and fantasies in a fun and effortless way. Listening to erotic audio gives you the freedom to experience a real-time pleasure for yourself (or with a partner) instead of watching someone else experience the bliss. You will enjoy steamy, erotic audio porn stories as if you are there in person bringing your wildest fantasies to life.

You will find various types of stories, from soft and sensual to bondage and fetishes, right here on All of our stories are created for women by your narrator, Your Gentle Dom himself, allowing you to experience a real-life Dom to take you on a journey that will get you lost in your fantasy and explore a world entirely your own. His stories incorporate real-life sexual cues like moaning, heavy breathing, and kissing to ensure you have a completely immersive and pleasurable experience.

Below are our current five erotic audio porn stories. These rankings are created based on ratings listeners have given them, just like you.



ASMR Dom Husband Controls Mystery Date


The scene:

Husband comes home to find an unknown wallet lying on the carpet as if someone dropped it. Curious, he picks it up & opens it. Finding an unknown male's ID & his wife's business card. With a date, time, her apt #, & personal phone number written on the back. Assuming they will back to retrieve the wallet, he sits quietly in the darkened living room awaiting their return.


ASMR Grounding to fall asleep.

The scene: Find your favorite stuffie, blanket, or pillow. (Find something you enjoy holding onto when you fall asleep.)



Asmr Oral Pleasure Scene Script

The scene set:

A Dom eating his good girl's tasty Lil pussy. Giving her the oral pleasure she deserves.


Asmr Dom Controls Sub with Lush Remote Vibe Publicly


The scene:


A Dom & his sub are attending an annual elite fundraiser sponsored by the Doms company. He has an extraordinary gift for his sub to wear all night.



Asmr Blowjob Scene

The scene:

A good girl being a little naughty pleasing her favorite Dom with the best blowjob she has ever given.

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