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Let me me start of and be very clear by stating that I am NOT a doctor or psychologist of any kind. I come from a completely different school; “The School of Truth.” I’ve had my fair share of relationships, sexual encounters and they brought the invaluable lessons of life experience. I also had the opportunity to learn Dom/sub from a mentor when I was in my 20's and hone my skills for the past 2 decades. (Yes that makes me 40.) Deciding to blend my own experiences and love of writing, with the mission of guiding women with passion was born. 

Life can be challenging at times and the choices we make along the way can affect the quality of life that we are living. It is easy to get caught up in your own mind with expectations of happiness. But did you ever think that could be the exact reason why you are unhappy, or not getting the life you want? You must realize that your dreams can not take a certain form because it will leave you with no give, no opportunity for change, and no growth. I am here to help guide you through those challenging times and show you the light. 


Want to get to know me on a Deeper Level ? 

Check out my Deeper Podcast, The Language of BDSM articles and my Erotic Audio Stories.

M Y   S T O R Y

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