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When Should a Sub Walk Away?

Your Gentle Dom - When Should a Sub Walk Away?

When should a sub walk away? It may seem simple, but a fake Dom isn't the real deal. It would be best never to let someone control you or abuse your trust. A fake Dom does not respect your boundaries and values your consent. They might even get angry when you ask for it.

Fake Doms are ubiquitous in BDSM. They are imbeciles who manipulate people and play mind games. They try to control the submissive by making her feel weak and unworthy. They want all of the attention and will even steal her self-worth to do so. In short, a fake dom will do anything in his power to gain his position as a dominating force.

The first sign you should be looking for in a Fake Dom is how they try to manipulate the situation. A fake Dom is coarse and witty and doesn't take the time to ease the submissive into their presence. They will try to control what the submissive eats, wears, acts, and even who they talk to. The dominant will keep repeating these mental elements over. The submissive may find this Dom very attractive because of his witty and clever ways, but this could be a red flag that this Dom is a predator.

The most obvious sign of a fake dom is that they ignore your requests and don't respect your boundaries or wishes. Unless you're talking to an experienced dominant, the fake Dom won't bring up D/s during initial conversations but instead will focus on getting you to perform sexual tasks and send nudes. A fake Dome also doesn't care about their subs' feelings, so they often mimic the Nice Guy Syndrome.

Here is a list you can refer to when you are unsure if you should walk away from your Dom.

  • If a "Dom" asks for nude pics right away without getting to know you. Walk Away!

  • If a "Dom" wants to be YOUR dominant and refuses to give you his real name, phone number (cell, home, and work), home address, AND MARITAL STATUS, Walk Away!

  • If you are sick and your "dom" won't let you recover in your bed, Walk Away!

  • If you are with a "Dom who says they can train you," and he tells you he prefers a girl without hard limits because "they are a sign of weakness," Walk Away!

  • If a "dom" violates your safe word, Walk Away!

  • If a "dom" accepts your submission on the first date, Walk Away!

  • If a "dom" punishes you for being depressed or having some other mental illness, Walk Away!

  • If you catch your "dom" lying or cheating on you, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" refuses to speak with you or isolates you as a punishment method, Walk Away!

  • If a "dom" refuses to participate in aftercare when needed, Walk Away!

  • If you would not trust your "dom" with your life without ANY reservations, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" uses a hard limit as punishment, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" wants you to be used by countless others against your will, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" doesn't let you contact your friends or family, Walk Away!

  • If your 'dom' doesn't want to be seen in public with you, Walk Away!

  • If you must call your "dom" Master/daddy on the first date or meeting, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" refuses you a safe call and wants your meeting to be kept a secret, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" doesn't ask you what your limits are, both soft and hard, Walk Away!

  • If your "dom" punishes you for using your safe word, Walk Away!



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