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Rights of a Submissive

Rights of a Submissive

Rights of a Submissive

You have chosen the role of a submissive, choosing to surrender yourself to a Dominant, giving yourself and all you are to that Person entirely and with no reservations. The Dominant will control every aspect of your Second Life to whatever degree you allow, and you will accept that without reservation, reveling in the love and security given you as a result of it.

But what rights will you retain for yourself? The idea of an excellent submissive having no limits or rights is a silly and dangerous concept. If that were true, then a submissive would receive no benefit from the relationship, have no satisfaction in their service to the Dominant, and would soon stop coming to Second Life.

As a submissive, you are entitled to receive something in return for your submission to your Dominant, have true satisfaction in the relationship, and retain certain rights that the Dominant will respect without even thinking about it. These rights should not be negotiated at the beginning of the relationship as limits and the amount of time spent online. Instead, they must be understood by both the Dominant and the submissive as an essential part of the relationship, and they must never be violated or dismissed without careful consideration and good reason.

Those rights are as follows:

  • You have the right to set limits on what can be done with and to you, both physically and psychologically, and, while your limits may be tested and stretched, they must never be violated;

  • You have the right to be allowed to demonstrate that you can be trusted and to be trusted when you have done so.

  • Outside of Roleplay, you have the right to be treated as an intelligent and caring person by the Dominant.

  • You have the right, within reasonable bounds, to have the Dominant’s attention without having to break the rules and misbehave to receive it.

  • You have the right to expect aftercare when a scene has finished and for your Dominant to show you tenderness, understanding, and love for what you have just given.

  • You have the right to have an opinion about things, and, within limitations, to voice those opinions to the Dominant, knowing that the Dominant will consider those opinions while retaining the final say in all matters.

  • You have the right to tell the Dominant you are sad for whatever reason and that you need Them to hold you and be tender for a while.

  • You have the right to anticipate the Dominant will realize that the relationship you share brings deep and passionate love and not reject you when you express your feelings.

  • You have the right to be taught those things the Dominant wants you to know and expect the Dominant to be patient with you as you learn them.

  • You have the right to expect the Dominant to administer any punishments consistently and carefully, never being impulsive or unpredictable in the rules.

  • You have the right to communicate to the Dominant what your needs are and to have those needs fulfilled as much as is possible.

  • You have the right to question the Dominant’s motivations and feelings if your requests seem to be consistently or unfairly denied you.

  • You have the right to tell the Dominant if you feel your relationship is not giving you the things you need from it, and to have the Dominant listen to you and discuss your needs compassionately.

  • You have the right to expect the Dominant to tell you if the relationship is not what They need and to allow you the freedom to discuss it to correct the problems.

  • You have the right to walk away from a relationship with a Dominant if issues cannot be resolved.

Will every Dominant agree to these rights? They should; nothing in them denies any of their privileges, nothing that takes away from the power held over you. On the contrary, these rights help to reinforce healthy boundaries for a mutually satisfying relationship. To ignore any of them will only bring pain and unhappiness to both of you.

A submissive is not a doormat, they are a person with feelings and desires, and if those are not met, then the submissive must look elsewhere. Any Dominant who does not understand this will never know the satisfaction of a genuinely loving submissive.



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Megan Cline
Megan Cline
Dec 10, 2021

I have read many of your articles. They have all been extremely helpful in their own way. But I think this one is one of the most helpful I have read. As a submissive and being new to the lifestyle, this article is extremely helpful. Knowing my rights as a submissive will help to find the right dom for me. Thank you for posting.

Your Gentle Dom
Your Gentle Dom
Dec 11, 2021
Replying to

Thank you very much for the feedback. I'm happy you found this article helpful.

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