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Beginners Guide to Understanding DDlg

There is a lot of controversy and misconception surrounding this particular type of D/s relationship, and to be honest, I, myself, was one of those perpetrators of ignorance until I started to research it over a decade ago. Most people who do not put the time and effort into researching and trying to understand the Daddy Dom little girl relationship dynamic are convinced that it revolves around incest and/or pedophilia. While for some individuals, this is true, for the majority of true Daddy Dom and little girl relationships, this couldn't be further from the truth.

So what is DDlg?

What Is The Meaning and Definition of DD/LG?

DD/LG stands for Daddy Dom / Little Girl.

DDLG, at its essence, is a kinky age-play/role-play between two consenting adults and is a close cousin to BDSM.

The first point I'd like to make is: Daddy Doms and their little girls are NOT sick and twisted perverts driven by deep-seated incestuous or paedophilic desires.

They are taking it too far – when men want their littles to look and act like real little girls because they get off from the illusion of having sex with an underage child. This kind of creeps me out, to be honest!

Daddy Doms are not Fathers:

Unlike age-players who both enjoy and get off on viewing their partner as a real father figure or child, Daddy Doms are not fathers to their littles, nor are littles children to their Daddy Doms. Daddy Doms view their roles much as a Master or Dominant would theirs, as a position of power over their submissive.

Little girls are NOT daughters:

Little girls do not desire a father or father figure, nor do they desire to be or be seen as little children. They are simply adult women with a childlike personality and who appreciate an emotionally mature partner to protect, comfort, and love them. Littles in a DD/lg relationship are not interested in incest!

If he isn't a father and she isn't a daughter, what are they?

Daddy Doms are Dominants who simply assume a much more nurturing and caring role than Dominants in other types of D/s relationships. Little girls are submissive women who have a naturally childlike personality that is especially dominant in them when they are around a Daddy Dom who makes them feel safe and cherished.

Getting it right – a woman's figure, ample assets, she is a real woman with a hint of childlike little coming through

Daddy Doms vs. Masters:

Daddy Doms are just like other Dominants and Masters but with 1 or 2 key differences. They still take charge and enjoy being in control, but they often enforce different kinds of rules. Daddy Doms will more likely focus on their submissives personal growth, goals, and needs than on things like protocol and how certain actions are carried out. Another difference is that Daddy Doms not only accept but actually value and treasure their submissive's inner little, encouraging their sub to enter and even live in 'little space,' to play and to explore and enjoy their little side. Other Masters may rather prefer a submissive with an adult attitude towards life and may actually find littles annoying. Another big difference between other Dominants and Daddy Doms is that being playful, having fun, and being able to laugh, A LOT is a necessity, and it is also essential to have a nurturing and affectionate relationship with your little. Not to say that other types of Masters cannot show affection, but for the most part, they seem to be more stoic, more rigid, and far less full of warm fuzzies.

The Title of 'Daddy':

When a little calls her Dominant 'Daddy,' it is only a title, a love name if you will, and not meant as a reference to a father in any way. This Title alone has caused much controversy, and even some lifestylers in Daddy Dom / little girl relationships have their reservations about it. The feeling a little gets from calling her Dominant 'Daddy' is certainly not the same feeling she will get when calling her father' daddy.' Just the same, one will not feel the same when you say 'I love you to your parents and to your lover/partner.

The Title of a little girl:

Daddy Doms may call their littles by many different love names, dependant on his own personal preference and the personality of his little. Some names for littles may include little girl, little one, sweetheart, and many others. Just as Daddy is simply a title, so it 'little girl' and it by no means refers to the submissive as a daughter or underage child.

Daddy Doms and Sadism:

Just because a Daddy Dom is nurturing and affectionate does not mean that he cannot be sadistic as well. They can enjoy and embrace their inner sadist while catering to and fulfilling their submissive's masochistic side.

Littles and masochism:

Not all submissives are masochists, and so too, not all littles enjoy pain. However, there is a good deal that does enjoy having they're Dominant inflict physical pain on them, predominantly through spanking. It is these littles how are most compatible with a sadistic Daddy Dom who will feed their craving for pain and take pleasure in it at the same time.

What is a Daddy-Dom's job?

First and foremost, Daddy Doms are Dominants, and as such, it is his job to take charge of his little, to guide her and help her achieve her goals, to protect her, and to love and nurture her. Other types of Dominants may be free to flippantly order their submissive around purely for their own pleasure, but Daddy Doms dominate and enforce rules according to goals set in place in order to nurture and guide their little and based on what is in their submissive's best interest.

That being said, Daddy Doms do get a great deal of pleasure from their littles, both sexually and otherwise.

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Why is Daddy Doms the way they are, and why do they like 'little' submissives?

Being a Daddy Dom is simply a part of someone's personality; he likes being dominant, but he likes doing so in a more affectionate and nurturing capacity than is the accepted norm for D/s lifestyle relationships. Daddy Doms often enjoy and find both the little and adult sides of their submissives attractive and can appreciate them both. littles appeal to them because they cater to their desires to nurture, protect, and love, as well as him enjoying and being amused by the natural, childlike little girl personality in a beautiful adult woman's body. (NOTE: Daddy Doms are not pedophiles; they do not see their submissives as little girls but rather appreciate the naturally occurring childlike attributes of their personality.)

Why are littles the way they are, and why do they need a Daddy Dom?

Littles are unique women who retain a childlike aspect of their personality. This isn't to say that there is something wrong with them; on the contrary, although the majority of society doesn't understand their inner little and so sees it as something undesirable. These women need Daddy Doms to make them feel safe, to embrace their inner littles, and accept them for who they are in their entirety, the grown-up woman and the inner little girl.

Daddy Doms, little girls, and Sex

Because of the misconceptions that Daddy Doms are fathers to their littles, reconciling the Daddy/little girl relationship with two sexually active, consenting adults often leads to the conclusion that these couples must be sick perverts. This is not true; Daddy Dom/little girl relationships, unlike age role-players, do not see or desire to see their partners as underage children or real father figures. They see each other as consenting adults with the bodies and minds of competent adults. It is simply their personalities that define them as mature, nurturing, and dominant, or childlike, young at heart, and submissive.

What is a Daddy Dom Like?

Daddy Doms love their littles unconditionally. They cherish the woman as well as her inner little and revel in her childlike personality, her innocence, and her appreciation of the simple things like cuddles and cartoons on a weekend morning, milkshakes instead of coffee, and the way she turns to him for reassurance. He protects her, guides her when she is unsure of losing her way, helps her reach her goals, and is proud of her when she does. Daddy Doms, with a sadistic streak, may love to cause her physical pain, the type she likes and craves, but he hates and does everything he can not hurt her emotionally. He will punish her for transgression, whether he enjoys it or not, and will praise her for a job well done. It takes a great deal of discipline and strength from a Daddy Dom to do what he needs to do: dominate, care for, guide, punish, praise, comfort, understand, and love his little. He draws on his own life experiences to guide her and keep her safe, all the while accepting her as his, all parts of her – grown-up and little.

What is it a little like?

Littles are very complex women as they are both sexy, adult women and cute inner littles. They can very well run a company but also may sleep with a teddy bear at night for comfort. She enjoys 'little' behavior, which may include games, puzzles, coloring in, arts and crafts, watching cartoons, and going out for ice cream. However, she also enjoys adult interests such as sexy lingerie, girls' night out with friends, shopping, and much more. She feels safest in her Daddy Dom's arms, and around him, she is free to be herself, a quick mix of adult and little girl, and she is free to pursue her 'little' interests. She may be needy and whiny at times; she may have irrational fears. She will most likely pout and sulk sometimes, but she will also light up with an innocent, childlike enthusiasm for things she enjoys and, of course, for her Daddy Dom. She is submissive by nature, seeing the guidance, domination, and nurturing the love of a Daddy Dom who will guide, protect and comfort her when the world becomes too much to handle. She respects him, submits to his will, and trusts him completely to keep her safe and love her.

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Daddy Dom and little girl vs. Age Play:

Unlike age players, Daddy Doms and their littles are not after the experience of being a father/older man or a physically and mentally underage child, desires which stem from deeply rooted incestuous and paedophilic desires. They are two adults with specific personality traits who are compatible with each other and work together towards a common goal, much like any other 'vanilla' relationship. Little girl submissives may have teddy bears and often enjoy many of the pastimes that younger children enjoy, like puzzles, games, and watching cartoons. They may also enjoy wearing cutesy items like PJ's with cute bunnies or teddies on them, cartoon character t-shirts, and maybe even wearing their hair in pigtails. However, their aim is not to look prepubescent because even under all that cute, they are still a whole lot of fully grown adult women.

There is always an exception:

There is always an exception to every rule, and DD/lg relationships are no different. There will always be those living under the label of Daddy Dom and a little girl who derive pleasure not from the relationship as I have outlined above but rather as a more permanent type of age role play where the little is chosen for her young age and acts dresses and is essentially made to be an underage child, where both parties derive pleasure from fulfilling deep-seated paedophilic and incestuous fantasies through age role play and label it a DD/lg relationship. Now, I'm not talking about the super common schoolgirl fantasy that many men have; after all, a more mature woman can easily dress up as a schoolgirl to make that fantasy a reality for her partner without crossing the line. What I am talking about is barely legal littles with nearly prepubescent bodies which can easily pass for being 13 or 14 years old in the right clothes which are adopted by 'Daddy Doms' for their ability to, when acting the part, seem like a real underage child, and the dominants get their pleasure from the illusion that they are really being intimate with a child. That is not the Daddy Dom and little girl relationship I am referring to as defined by my personal opinions on what I think DD/lg should be. Daddy Doms and their little girls



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