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Discord Server For Women Ran by Women

 Your Gentle Dom (Dominant Daddy) is a huge supporter of women and generously built a Discord community for the Brat Pack to use as they see fit. These Brats have turned it into their Discord, a community by women for women. (Anyone that joins can experience and be part of the brat pack.) 

They are about being supportive and helping each other in a judgment-free environment. Meaning women of all types are welcome here. Brats, littles, pets, and those that want to explore their deepest desires, you might want to check it out. We have a space for EVERYONE. This community is for those that want to explore their passions, desires, dreams, and fantasies in an empowering & shame-free environment. 

Our littles have their own exclusive spaces. These rooms are for

littles only. You can color and show off your stuffies. Enjoy playing

together safely. No bigs are allowed in your space except Daddy

himself and Cuddles, the moderator. You can play with other littles

all you like.

For brats, lovers of BDSM, or just women exploring, we have room for you too.

There are far too many rooms to mention here. Honestly, BDSM is a small part

of the board.


Want to get closer to YGD (Dominant Daddy)? This Discord server allows just that, YGD (Dominant Daddy) makes appearances often, and you can even join him in a group voice chat monthly. Make sure you check out the different packages to see which one best fits your need. (To access the Discord Community, you must be in the Princess package or above.)

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