1 on 1 Dom Experience

Private Text or Audio Messages


Experience a 1 on 1 customized experience with Your Gentle Dom tailored uniquely to fit your individual needs. During the 1 hour session, Your Gentle Dom will want to get to know you and will make you feel comfortable in exploring your fantasy. Your Needs are very important and they will be met and the main focus of each session. 


For example, if you are someone who has a specific fetish and are not interested in another, only the fetish you desire will be highlighted. If you are someone new to the lifestyle and are in the discovery phase, Your Gentle Dom will help you explore it together. If you are someone who has been a part of the lifestyle and who just wants to have a sexy talk and indulge over text, Your Gentle Dom will provide that experience as well.


Common sessions focuses have included:



Lifestyle Navigation.

Sub Training.

Sexual and nonsexual tasks. 


Daddy Dom Fantasy.

DD/lg fantasy.

CNC Fantasy.


Some subs come with serious questions they want to work through; other subs come for fun and fantasy, and others just come to be told what to do. Whatever it is you are scheduling a call for, Your Gentle Dom is adaptable and wants it to be as fun and positive of an experience for you as much as it is for him.


But watch out!-- he may assign you homework, or even get turned on! Anything else? Just ask, I'm quite accommodating.

Before Purchasing a Session please reach out to me on Twitter or Instagram to make sure I can accommodate your needs.

Each Session is $49.99 Per Hour