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Erotic Audio Stories for Women

Discover countless hours of erotica & ASMR that unlock your deepest desires and get you in the mood.

Explore your sexual desires by enhancing your pleasurable senses by listening to erotic ASMR audio. 

ASMR (stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) providing intense or "tingly" sensations. Many have described it as a "Brain Orgasm"  meaning is a calming pleasure, followed by a tingling sensation that stimulates your mind. Some things that cause this stimulation are but not limited to are whispers, sounds of brushes, others eating, soft moans, white noise, flipping of book pages, rain, and light tapping.

Studies have shown that ASMR can help change your mood, and help with symptoms of depression. 

The goal of when you listen to an ASMR track is to achieve that tingling sensation that can range from a simple head rush to a deep feel-good sensation that causes shivers that turn into a relaxed mellow state of effect. 

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